Monday, 6 April 2009

Final Campaign

This is our final 3 page Clinique campaign.

We edited the cut out bottles by adjusting their colours in colour balance, and using the dodge and burn tool to highlight and darken/ shadow areas to make the bottles look more 3D and live in the picture.
Although the bottles do look quite photoshop-ed on i feel happy with the campaign, i feel we met all our clients and our own aims in what we wanted to create. And created something new, fresh and innovative for both the brand and the magazine. I think the campaign is fun and eyecathcing. This is also the reason we chose to use a more decorative text than we had originally planned on using. We were orginally going to use a plain simple text just like past Clinique ads do however searching through the text fonts we felt this one was appropriate for the ads. It is eye- catching, readable and fun and goes well with the colours. We chose to keep each page simple with just the number. We got this idea from a past Clinique ad for the 3 step system.
This shows simply what we are advertising.
The words 'Splash out' we felt appropriate for the ad. It is catchy because it links to the splatter of colours but is also a phrase used when people purchase something. The first two pages with the words 'Splash out' on would open on a double spread and read across the page, and the clinique would be on the following page.

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