Monday, 6 April 2009

consultation meeting

Our first development consultation meeting went very well.
The meeting allowed us to ask question we were unsure about. For example we were unsure about the use of the valentines theme as we felt it could hold back our ideas if we had to consistently link back to this theme of the valentines theme. We were told to stay away from the valentines theme as they didn't want it to become cheesy.
They told us rather than creating a campaign for the bonus time, instead they want a product launch in Another magazine. This will enable us to be much more creative with our ideas.
When photographing the products they told us to think about how we are going to put the products together ensuring we create a rhythm for the eye.
They want to see test shots to show how we are experimenting with all our different ideas and how the ideas work when put infront of a camera.
The Clinique representatives really liked our ideas and wanted us to choose three main ideas to pick up on and develop to show them next time, enabling them to pick one for us to use as for the final campaign.

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