Tuesday, 7 April 2009

leaflet ideas

To start developing ideas for my own leaflet design i did reserach into various brochure and graphic books to gain inspiration.
The best of Brochure design
Young graphic designers Americas published by daab 2008

Because the Kolocraft logo is very colourful, i was looking for inspriation to use colour in innovative eye-catching ways and what colours work well together.

i really like the square block colours used here, and how the number 50 is written within them.

This is my favourite use of colours together. Because the Kolocraft logo is a colourful barcode this is alike this using colours in lines next to eachother. i like the idea of using these block squares or lines of colour as a border on my leaflet.

I like how these images show colour overlapping and how it can work with text. i could use this kind of text for the small titles within my leaflet, such as ' The design and print process' 'how to find us' and 'contact details'.

I either want my leaflet colour to be black, white or a light grey as i think these colours show bright bold colours off well and help draw attention to them.

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