Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Project 6- DESIGN FOUNDRY & KOLORCRAFT Promotional Information Leaflet

Design Foundry and Kolorcraft are the clients.

They have commissioned my 'agency' to design and produce an innovative new promotional brand information leaflet.

This leaflet is to be aimed at providing quick and easy offline access to Design Foundry & Kolorcraft information for brand communication to; Customers
New employees visiting the sites.

The Leaflet must illustrate the stage by stage design - production processes and other key elements of brand information and services at both of the companies.
Project requirements;
The clients have specified the leaflet must have 4 main potential outcomes:
1. Be innovative designed and styled
2. Be functional to carry/ takeaway/ read/ refer to on the move.
3. Clearly and accurately communicate the Design Foundry and the Kolocraft brands.
4. Incorporate a flow chart graphic/ visualisation of the Design Foundry design & Kolorcraft printing production processes.

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