Monday, 6 April 2009

Because the images we are creating use a messy background we had to think about the way in which we were going to shoot the images.
We want to keep the products looking clean, fresh and simple, as they always so in Clinique adverts. Therefore we need the photography studio to create the correct lighting and background. However the background we want to create is messy and we wouldn't be able to do this in the studio.
Therefore we have decided to shoot the products and the background separately. We have already previously discussed the use of photoshop on our images to give them a more crisp look by editing the lighting and adding text on so i feel confident that this is the right way to go about creating the campaign.

To create the separate background splatter i bought an A2 piece of card and splatted pink food colouring mixed with water onto it.
We took this piece of card into the studio with us when we were shooting our products. We took photographs of both the products and card alone as well as putting them together.
Here you can see the images of just the bottles alone. We shot them on a
small table which had a white sloping back and top so that there are no harsh edges or corners where the top of the table and the back meet. We pulled the large box lights right down above the products so that they were lit from both the front and the back to separate them from the background, and had to shoot from quite far away as we were using a tripod and couldn't get very close to the table, this was OK though as we intend to edit the images on photoshop.

In the top left hand corner you can see where i have cut around the moisturise bottle on photoshop using the magnetic lasso tool so that i can copy this onto the splatter background.

This is the splatter background we have decided to use for all three pages on the campaign. We are just going to change the colour of the splatter using the colour balance tool, crop it and photoshop each product on the different pages.

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