Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Leaflet layout ideas

this is some research i did on packaging and leaflet layouts.
For my leaflet i want something that is easy to fold up and take away to use on the move, therefore i wasn't looking for anything to complicated.

i like this layout, it would be an A4 page, landscape and folded in half. i like the use of the block colours as each block could hold different information on both Kolocraft and the Design Foundry.

i really like these leaflet ideas of folding it up a few times into a small square/rectangle, as i think this makes it easier to carry around as well as being able to fit as much information in as i need.

i have made prototypes of the three leaflet layout ideas and where information will be on them.

This is a fold up leaflet where i have created to front to be like an envelope. However i don't really like this because the envelope front doesn't stay down and i don't want to use stickers or have to make a slit to tuck it into to stay down. i like how it is portrait because it will help the flow chart be easily read, flowing down the page.

This is the A4 leaflet prototype however i don't like this because i think it is too big to be taken away and accessed on the move.

This is my favourite leaflet layout. i like how small it is which was one of my main priorities. It is a good layout to present all the information.

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