Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Design Foundry


'We specialise in producing effective in-store communications for some of the biggest names in UK retailing. B&Q, Comet, New Look: these are just some of the major high street brands that rely on our skills to successfully communicate their message. As well as add real value to their brand.

Our team includes strategic planners and creative thinkers. This ensures that every job is on brief, every solution outside the box. Experienced account managers and skilled installation experts guarantee the seamless development of every project from concept to delivery. Whether it´s in-store POS, brand identity and management, or design for print or web'

There biggest client is Comet. And using David Dickinson was a huge promotion, Celebrity endorsement helps when trying to sell a product.They have received a gold medal for innovation for 3D and a silver medal in merchandising. 90% of their work is in store based with about 50/50 of it being both 2D and 3D and about 10% being for brochures etc.

As a team they can have 700 different briefs, but a usual weekly turn around ranges from 100-500 per week.Ideas are usually created by each person then later come together in group discussion and development teams.

A main priority for them when developing ideas is thinking of the most cost effective way of using materials.
When an idea is being developed it will be tested repeatedly.

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